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Restoring Peace of Mind to Your Trauma Cleanup

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North Georgia Decon is North Georgia's leading provider of trauma cleanup and biohazard remediation. We are a family-owned, local business committed to quality and take pride in our reliability, honesty, compassion, and efficiency.

Some may confuse crime scene cleanup with standard cleaning, however, the two services are very different. Biohazard remediation refers to the removing, disinfecting, and cleaning of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially harmful pathogens in affected areas after a death, accident, or communicable disease outbreak. Biohazard remediation is a specialty service that requires proper training, equipment, certification, and licensing due to the high risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. We also specialize in the remediation of:


Please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have. 


North Georgia Decon takes our responsibility to disinfect and remediate your home, business or vehicle very seriously, and we communicate how and why we’re doing so throughout the whole process. That’s why we’re the region's premier ​suicide and trauma cleanup and biohazard remediation company. Call us at 706.969.8181 anytime.

North Georgia Decon was founded with the purpose of serving Northeast Georgia with caring and thorough biohazard cleaning services.  We strive for excellence in everything we do, so you can be assured that from the moment we arrive on site you will be treated with respect, communicated with clearly and the site will be properly cleaned and disinfected.

We will consult with you over the phone so you can ask questions and know what to expect moving forward.  Call us to get your estimate today!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination and Disposal Services

Safe and Secure Disinfection of Virus-Infected Sites

Recent outbreaks of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other serious communicable diseases have heightened the need for remediation and decontamination of common interior surfaces and the safe disposal of infected materials. With strategically placed resources across the continent, North Georgia is responding to the region and offers the most comprehensive management of medical waste generated during the treatment of patients infected with the virus available.

Our turnkey services are delivered by trained experts using company-owned assets, giving your organization the agility to act quickly and effectively to remediate dangerous public health threats. Our training and service methodologies are based on OSHA standards and the highest biosecurity principles and have a proven track record of success.

North Georgia Decon & Infectious Response:

  • We safely handle hazardous and infectious waste streams daily.

  • We have a proven track record with outbreaks – both large and small.

  • We staved off the highly contagious avian flu outbreak among the poultry population in 2015 where we decontaminated many large-scale farms, right down to the building studs.

  • We routinely perform decontamination work for a variety of customers in a variety of industries in a variety of settings, and we do it safely. We have the right people, equipment, experience/expertise and capabilities for any coronavirus related assignment.


Top 3 Ways North Georgia Decon Can Help Your Business with Coronavirus

  1. Preparedness: Having the right plan in place in case of emergency can be the difference between success and disaster.

  2. Business Continuity: Prevention is the key to staying viable during these times.

  3. Response: We have the people, assets, expertise and technology to quickly and safely get you and your business back to work.

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